Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weekend Update

I have been super busy this week and have not had much time to write but I've had all these blog posts written up in my head... none of these ideas are explored fully here but here's a little glimpse of what's been going on.

~So this morning I walked into Moana's room and saw her leg swung up over the side of her crib. Uh oh. It's just a matter of time I suppose until she figures out how to shift her weight over the top and get out. It's kind of a long fall though to the ground so this is the time when we're supposed to transition them to toddler beds I guess. Although one of my athletes (who has been through this twice already) advised me to keep Moana in the crib for a while longer... that at 20 months old she might not be emotionally ready for the freedom yet. I totally agree, so I'm gonna have to go buy some type of contraption to keep her in there for a couple more months.

~My house is a mess. Having a job (ok, more like 3 or 4 jobs!) wreaks havoc on one's housekeeping duties. I suppose I could hire a housecleaner (where's the laundry fairy anyway??), but we are pro's at messing up a clean house so the fix would be quite temporary. I think I'm better off just lowering my standards. In good news, I'm not home as much anymore to see the mess.

~My bottom lip is still completely sunburned from racing at Honu 2 weeks ago. The morning of the race I managed to get sunscreen everywhere but my lips... since then they just blistered and peeled and then blistered again and I can't believe they still hurt as much as they do. Ugh. I also can't believe Honu was only 2 weeks ago. It seems as though a year has passed.

~I rode my TT bike for the first time since the race this morning. I had to search everywhere around my house to find my pedals. I'd taken them off when I gave my bike to the folks at TriBike Transport and knew I put them somewhere but the fact that I'd had 2 beers already by the time I handed my bike over left my memory of where I put them a bit fuzzy. Finally I found them- in my bike bag that normally contains my flat kit. Since I'd used the spare tube that was in there, apparently I thought that was a good place to hide my pedals from myself.

~I'm still trying to figure out my racing schedule for this summer... I have several different options that I'm chewing on and I'm just waiting for one of them to really grab me. I've gone back and forth several times already this week but that's another post.

~I do know what I'm doing this fall though. I'm running the Honolulu Marathon! It's been since 1998 that I've run a flat out marathon that did not include a long swim/bike first, so I'm pretty much guaranteed a PR. How fast? Well, race calculators and tables tell me I can run 3:24-3:35. That seems like a stretch to me but I know that achieving something starts with believing it so I'm starting now to believe that I can run under 3:30. This fall it'll be all about the right training so we'll see how it goes.

With that said, I'm off to read more about marathon training before going to bed tonight. Saturday nights really rock around here. ;)


The Chapples said...

I believe you can do a 3:30. No prob!

Running and living said...

Yes, you can do 3:30:)
I had a tough time transitioning Petru to the toddler bed bc we waited too long (he was over 3) and he would not stay in. My friends who transitioned them earlier had better luck. You can always keep both the toddler bed and crib in the room and have her choose where she'd want to sleep.

Tim Kasparek said...

michelle, just wanted to say thank you for the continued support through your comments. sometimes things feel very lonely so i definitely appreciate the kind words of encouragement where ever i can find them! keep up the good work by the way........and YES, 3:30 is totally within your grasp. go and get it!!!

idropboys said...

Leave her in the crib as long as possible...I took my son out at 18 months and it was torture. He was up and down 10+ a night, we had to gate his room, he crawled over the gate, we then had to stack to gates and he rattled them as if he was in jail.

My daugher was in her crib until she grew out of it- it was great.

Burned lip...OMG- 3+ weeks after IMSG I was still in agony. I finally got Abreva (topical) applied 10 times a day, 3 tubes later, finally they got better. I feel your pain, ugh!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I need a maid too, but I love the term "lowering my standards"

I swap pedals on my bike, and I showed up for practice with no pedals because I left them on my TT and forgot to switch them back to my roadie, ya, I still get reminded to this day about that