Monday, June 28, 2010

Forget That 'Glass Half Full' Crap

Ok, are you guys enjoying these frequent blog posts?? This is what happens when one is delayed in airports all day long and starts drinking beer. It's your fault, really, for not updating your own blogs and giving Mama something to read.

So I'm sitting on an airplane, at 4:21 PM, in Dallas. TEX-ASS.

I was supposed to depart Dallas at 1:35 on a direct to Honolulu. But since my flight from Lubbock was delayed, I RAN from terminal to terminal to try to catch my Honolulu flight, figuring it must be late because every other American flight I've taken on this trip has been... But wouldn't you know it? THAT *ONE* was on time. They closed the doors 2 minutes before I arrived. Damn. I wish I were a faster runner.

So after I shed some very real tears of frustration, I went back to the ticketing agent to be re-routed. I pleaded my case for a first class seat but the ticket agent had none of that. She re-booked my direct flight for one that connects through LA. I had 3 hours to waste. I hit the bar. Its 5:00 somewhere.

Feeling somewhat cured by the beer, I made my way to my gate just in time to board my flight to LA. Now I'm snuggled like a sardine in my little seat in the back of the plane waiting for lightning storms to pass before we can take off. So what are the chances of my making it to Honolulu tonight? Based on how this trip has gone so far, slim to none. Cat, send me your phone # bc if I'm stuck in LA tonight I'm staying with you.

And some folks from Hawaii just signed up for IM TEX-ASS next May and are trying to recruit other suckers via Facebook. Ha! Fat chance.


Charisa said...

Oh Michelle how frustrating!! I'm so sorry. It was so fun to meet see all the fun blogger girls ;)

sorry you got a bg before the race - I hate that!

Hopefully we will run into each other at more races. Way to hang in there & I hope you get home soon! :)

Regina said...

THAT SUCKS ASS. sorry for the caps, but it needed to be emphasized. my sis lives in LA, so if you need a place to stay.....I'll email you just in case. damn!

Lizzie said...

If it's any consolation, this was my story 2 weeks ago. Coming off an international flight, stuck on tarmac trying to gate the plane in Dallas after flying from LAX. Finally gate the plane, only to find our Dallas flight has been delayed by an hour. Positive - able to stop, breathe, and eat :) What is it about that airport?

Have a safe trip and it will be so worth it to see Scott and Moana!

Angela and David Kidd said...

I am just now catching up on all your posts. First off can I just say I'm highly impressed you are posting from your iphone. It takes me forever to type on that thing!

Second, I sure hope you are drunkity drunk drunk right now and high above the Pacific Ocean.

And third, even if I hadn't got the Kona slot this race and trip would have been so worth it for me because I had such a great time meeting you.

Elizabeth A. Rich said...

I am VERY sorry Michelle!! It was really great to meet you though, I am thrilled that you came out to BSLT :).

I hope you get home soon!

I agree... FAT CHANCE you will find me racing IMTX!! However, BSLT next year might be a-okay. :D

ADC said...

Hope you got home OK. I hate delayed flights!!!

Megan said...

F that noise. I am NOT signing up for IM Tex-ASS. But... what are your thoughts on doing St George? :)

I think you should fly to Ohio and race Cedar Point (HalfRev?? FULLRev!?!). You can fly right into Detroit, you can have a free place to stay (Moana can come too!) and home-cookin' Midwest style.

Think about it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle, Corinna (Sandy's sis) here.. EVERYTIME I fly.. this is my story!!!! From dallas a few years ago I was stuck at DFW for 8 hours.. We were all so drunk at 2 AM about 20 of us were playing duck duck goose.. BTW , I love your updates, your blog is a great read... ;0)

kerrie said...

x-nay, on the IM tex-ASS...i don't think you could pay me enough to go back there, lol.
i'm still having nightmares from the walmart there.

glad you made it home!

jessithompson said...

BUGGER! "TEX-ASS"...funny!