Sunday, October 2, 2016

Kona On The Cheap...

I have to admit I enjoy this time of year... when tons of triathletes start showing up on the Big Island and posting horror stories about how hot and windy it is. Lol. Welcome to my life, bitches! And what? There's a chicken at the grocery store? No way! What a pretty sunset. Do you not have those where you live?

Obviously I'm just being snarky, but I find it entertaining to see these types of posts.

I wasn't going to go watch Kona this year... But then this hip thing came up and I wasn't able to run Ragnar with my friends which meant I had a plane ticket that needed to be used... And with 3x TeamBSC folks racing this year I really should be there... But it's so expensive I wasn't sure I could justify it... But I figured I'd at least look into it and see what I could find as far as Kona on the cheap...

So. For a small change fee I had a plane ticket. I texted my athlete/friend Carly and asked where she was staying. She said she'd rented a tent in a guy's backyard via Airbnb. $58/night and yep we could share it. Wait. What!?! Ok. I'm in.
Scrap renting a car. You can't park anywhere in Kona during race week anyway. So we'll ship our bikes- without a box- on Aloha Cargo ($49 each way) and pack all our stuff in backpacks and ride from the airport... Carly says she knows where some CO2 cartridges are hidden at the airport, and I have a few friends with hotel rooms near the swim start where we can stash our bikes when needed... Between the two of us we've got it covered!

So we'll hop over on Wednesday morning and spend 3 days riding and ocean swimming (and she will run!) then we'll drink beer and cheer on Saturday. I'll likely be tweeting my observations on race day, so tune in to Twitter if that interests you. I promise I won't post any sunset photos. ;)

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Damie said...

okay- this is AWESOME! have a great time!!!!