Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My Own Finger Wag

The days/weeks following an Ironman can be challenging. I tell my athletes this too, but you never really know how you're going to come out of an Ironman (mentally). Sometimes you're still in it and feeling on fire and like yep lets get right back to it! While other times the bike stays packed for a really long time while you eat ice cream on the couch...

I'm somewhere in the middle this time around. I spent a week on the mainland vacationing with my family and not thinking much about exercise at all. To be fair, that adductor spasm I had for 8 hours while I was biking/running around Windsor is still lingering a bit. All the surrounding muscles and attachment points are "angry" (according to Dr Zen) and I'm still limping when I walk, so haven't considered running.

I don't have any big goals coming up so feel a little lost about what's next... But I have to say, I have a bit of inspiration to swim a legit prep for the 5k ocean swim race coming up next month. Our summer series here is 5 races (The upcoming 5k is separate and not part of the series). I won my age group in the first 4 this year but then wasn't able to be at the last one because I was on vacation, so I wasn't eligible to win the series. Then I saw that the gal who I'd been beating all summer posted this on Facebook after the last race...

"We did it?" Who is that happy after winning by default? 

It's all good. Lights a little fire which makes me want to be READY for the 5k. Bring it.

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Lectie Altman said...

I have a comment, but I will refrain! lol Boy, oh boy!!!
Excited for you to kick butt at the 5k!