Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tackle Swimming!

It was my birthday yesterday. I am 39!

To celebrate, we opted for a little break from hard core training and planned a birthday party Mokes swim. We talk about Mokes all the time so here are some pics to give you a good visual! It really was this aqua color- no photo enhancing or anything needed!
We pre-loaded with a beer while putting our wetsuits on... it looks warm and all, and I supposed it is doable without a wetsuit but the winds are still blowing 20-30mph and well, we are wimpy (some of us). Plus, we justify it that we're racing in a wetsuit in a few weeks so we should definitely practice in our wetsuits! Full sleeves nonetheless. No, I was not hot.
Moana now also has a wetsuit! Mostly we just don't want her to be miserable when we're out so seemed like she shouldn't have to suffer being cold if we don't! She was so darn cute in that Rip Curl suit though... oh my.

I will tell you too- she is such a bad ass. There are many adults who are too afraid to make the trip out to those islands.... but my 4 year old can do it! Even in crazy conditions! Mostly b/c she trusts us and Scott and I are both super comfortable in the ocean so she just soaks up that vibe, I think. Check this out though... in the background you can see how it was indeed pretty rough out there yesterday. So Scott goes on a surfboard and she hops on his back. Like a monkey! She said, Well, I was a little bit scared but mostly excited.

Our neighbors took a kayak out there and hauled a bunch of beers. So we hung out for a while on the island, soaking up the atmosphere and talking story!
Here's the view between islands. Even we are not BSC enough to try to swim around the back side on a day like this.
So you know what is super fun?? Swimming in the ocean after drinking several beers!! Ha! Swimming back I was next to Nalani the whole way and laughing pretty much the whole time. It's actually fairly challenging to laugh and swim at the same time. ;) As we got closer to shore I decided that maybe I should remind her what an ironman swim actually feels like... so I swam right over top of her... hand on her back shoving her down... we both popped up and started laughing hysterically. Like, uncontrollably can't stop laughing all time funniest mokes moment ever... And then I did it again and again and again. Full on tackle swimming. In good news, Nalani is now fully prepared for that swim in Los Cabos. I'm such a thoughtful coach. ;)

Then we hung out some more... eating the most awesome chocolate mocha cake ever... finished off that case of Guiness... Pretty fitting birthday party for me I think. Mahalo to everyone who came out and helped me celebrate! :)))

Don't worry- tomorrow we'll get down to business and knock out those obligatory 39x200's.


Steve said...

Glad you had a good Birthday. Sounds like fun, well besides the swimming after drinking part. Drinking makes me lazy. :)

The pics from Lani Kai always looks great. This was usually the time we would go too. Late February. Maybe next year.

Take care, and have fun. :)

Damie said...

so great. happy birthday mama!!! miss you and wishing you well!!!

Shevaun said...

Sounds like an awesome birthday. But, a long sleeve wetsuit in Hawaii would have boiled my brain.

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

your daughter is much more bad ass than me. can she come along with me on the 10k swim???

Katie said...

you're so happy. I love it. happy (belated again) birthday, mama!

Anonymous said...

Wind advisory - pshaw! The Mokes are pretty awesome and that was a good time. Please tell me you and Nalani were hanging just a little bit after polishing off the Guinness. If not, I guess that's a mighty efficient Ironman metabolism you two have worked up. Happy BDay!

cherelli said...

Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the "recovery" swim :)

Ginger Spansel said...

That sounds like so much fun!! I'm jealous!!!!!

Ginger Spansel said...

That sound like fun!!! I'm jealous!

Jacek Ruzyczka said...

Be glad that you have so wonderful places for open-water swimming (for myself, I only have a 2-mile-diameter lake here I'm gonna swim across next Saturday).