Wednesday, October 24, 2012


You know what's interesting? These new kitties have brought a ton of JOY into our home. They are just so cute and so much fun and all of us are really enjoying them. Even Hoku! I swear she is 5 years younger having these active little furry things to watch all the time. Right now the 2 cats are playing tackle tag which is apparently a favorite no matter what time of day or night.

Moana gets home from school and first thing is like Let's play with the kitties! Turns out, kittens are awesome babysitters.
Ozzie is coming out of his shell. He was pretty shy for the first day or two and this is pretty much what we saw of him.
Now he hides a lot less. The other night he actually spent like 30' cuddling with me while I was reading (I am finally reading Gone Girl- wow- captivating book!) and he was purring up a storm and I just really enjoyed the fact that he chose me to trust and open up to.

One thing I can say for sure is that having two cats is really not any harder than having one, and overall I'm super happy with the decision to bring Ozzie home as well. They entertain each other (and us!) all the time and are clearly super happy together. Harriet cleans Ozzie.
They share the same food bowl.
They work together to get around the big black dog who guards the bottom of the stairs at night.
And now I'm thinking that this is the new normal state of geckos in our household. Good thing those tails grow back.

Anyway, don't worry... this blog isn't going to turn into a cat blog... I'm still running/biking/swimming and finally it's starting to feel more normal (which is also bringing me JOY!) and at some point I'll talk about that more again... but for now seems like folks are all its-off-season-sit-you-should-sit-on-your-ass-and-eat-cake-and-if-you're-not-doing-that-somethings-wrong-with-you so once that general sentiment passes I'll talk training again. ;)


Damie said...

LOL! Whatever!!!! So funny- I would like to hear about training! :) Glad the kitties bring joy. I always think the same thing about our house with the animals...having them makes this a happy house.

Melissa said...

I love them! So stinkin' cute!! And I agree, two are very much worth it. Not really that much more work and they always have a playmate. Even after 5 years our cats are like two peas in a pod.

X-Country2 said...

Don't blow my cover, but twin toddlers are actually easier for the same reasons. Always a playmate! :)

Anonymous said...

The picture of the tail coming out from under the dresser is CLASSIC. And I love their names!

Shevaun said...

Off season is about fun, so if swim bike run is fun, swim bike run. The kittens are cuties.

Ange said...

We have 2 kitties too... Brought them home 2 days after returning from kona a few yrs ago. :) it may sort of be off season bit I race in march so I'm not sitting around too much either. I did , however, just eat too much candy corn! :)