Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cats Don't Wear Barrettes

So my husband learned a little lesson yesterday... something like Don't let Michelle go to Petco alone. In fairness, he knew that I was going b/c I wanted to adopt a little black/white kitten that had been abandoned in a box in a field with its 7 siblings... but he was a little shocked when I came home with the black/white one and her brother. I could say I was pressured into it- the cat adoption lady was pretty adamant that the two would be happier together and oh the poor little grey cat left all by himself, etc. Moana, of course, was over the moon when I pulled not one but TWO cats out of the bag last night. It was so incredibly cute- the two of them rolling around and wrestling in Moana's room. Might have been cuter if it was 11 AM instead of PM but whatever. We missed some sleep last night.

Our dog is ~14 years old and prefers to not move as much anymore because her hips hurt :(. That said, her face lit up like a little puppy when we introduced the kittens to her- perky ears and interested eyes... The cats growled a bit at first but seems it took them ~10' to figure out that Hoku is not actually a threat at all. So now there are as many pets in this house as there are people!

I'll post pics when I can manage to get some. If you've ever had a kitten maybe you understand my dilemma- they don't sit still long enough to get a good shot? I will tell you we took Mary's suggestion and named then Ozzie and Harriet. Harriet is the little black/white one and she's as outgoing as they come. She was running laps around the house this morning while Ozzie hid under the bed. That said, Ozzie is coming out of his shell and the two have been playing together all afternoon. I guess that's the benefit of having two! Harriet also tends to lick Ozzie clean. Just like the girl to have to clean up the boy, no? Lol.

Just overheard in our house, Me: "No Moana- Harriet doesn't want a hair clip in her fur..."

Moana: "WHY MOMMY??"

Me: "Because cats don't wear barrettes."

Moana: "Well I'm just going to show her the hair clip..."

So this should be interesting for everybody!


Damie said...

Love this! You know I am all about adoption. your household happiness just multiplied!!! xoxoxoxo

Jennifer said...

I also ended up getting 2 cats (sisters) instead of the one I'd planned, and have been SOOOO happy with that decision! They totally take care of each other and it's not any more work on your part. Have fun!

mtanner said...

I love them and I say barrettes are fine!

Ordinarylife said...

Cats don't like...... (a lot of things that happen in our house). I hear myself saying that all the time. The latest was "cats don't like carrots" as our toddler kindly tried to share (stuff) her dinner down the poor cats throat.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

So fun!! Post pics!

Shevaun said...

And puppies don't wear skirts;-)