Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Nothing major going on around here right now but thought I'd update in a more random type way. More and more I find I like random posts- both to read and to write! :)

~That wine I brought home from Naramata is really good! I was a little worried that maybe I'd simply gotten caught up in the experience of the wine tasting and that when I got home I'd find that the wine was not as good as I'd remembered... but in good news that is not the case! In fact it seems even better than I remember? So far we've gone through three of the seven bottles I brought home and I'm 3 for 3 in the WOW this is good wine department. Two of the bottles are champagne (Pink Elephant!) and for sure I'm saving one of those to bring down to drink with Nalani after we finish the Honolulu Marathon... So really I only have 2 bottles of wine and 1 bottle of champagne left and there's a part of me that's thinking just drink 'em already so they're not tempting me when I actually get back to training. Lol.

~I am the queen at procrastinating when I have too much time on my hands. It's amazing how I can get through a whole day and really not get much done at all. When I'm Ironman training somehow I manage to ride, run, email/text/talk with athletes, go to the grocery store, do laundry, cook dinner, clean the kitchen, pay the bills... and when I'm not ironman training I can barely get it together to pack Moana's lunch. Crazy.

~Moana is almost 4. Can you believe that?? I started this blog when I was pregnant just as a way to document how big my belly was getting for my family so I wouldn't have to send out a bunch of emails all the time. Amazing how it has morphed into what it is today. Anyway, back to Moana. She is already excited about her birthday even though it is still like 6-7 weeks away. Every day she changes her mind about what kind of birthday cake she wants and I tell her that it's ok to change her mind. So now that's her favorite thing to say... I changed my mind...

~Scott's been taking her 'surfing' the last few weekends. Every week she makes huge progress over what she was willing to do the week prior. On Sunday my friend Mark gave her a training-type surfboard- it's 5.5ft long and really thick and made of foam. It's super stable and floats really well and she LOVES it. Scott paddled out with her in Waikiki and I was shocked at how far she let him take her- all the way out to where little waves were breaking and sure enough they turned around and caught a couple waves boogie board style. Scott said she didn't even want to come in and the only reason they did was because he was hungry and wanted lunch. :)

~So yesterday I picked Moana up from school and she asked to go surfing. I told her that daddy had to take her surfing because mommy isn't very good at surfing... to which she responded "Oh mommy you can do it! You just need to be super strong like me!" Classic.

~Yesterday I spent some time getting my bikes all in order. I finally unpacked from Canada (yes it took two weeks shut up I was busy doing nothing). I think I mentioned on here before that my old P3 training bike had a significant crack in the frame so needed to be replaced... so I replaced it with a P2 frame b/c it was way cheaper... thought we could use most of the same components but apparently the only really usable parts from that bike were the saddle and the pedals and the wheels. Matt said he took the tape off my bars and one of the bolts just broke and it was all corroded, etc. He joked that he was going to report me for bike abuse but I don't think he was really joking. Anyway, that P2 is ready to go now with new tires and cassette and chain and shifters and brakes and bars and well, it's pretty much a brand new bike which makes me not want to ride it in the rain... which pretty much defeats the purpose of having a training bike, no? I'll have to get over that.

~Training for Cabo starts next week. Before you go off on me saying that I need a break, etc, know that I will have done next to nothing for 3 weeks and the fact is I'm not as happy when I'm not training for something. So relax! I took my break and now I'm ready and feeling motivated/inspired to get after it again. I've hired a new coach and the relief I feel knowing that I will not have to think I'll just get to do is huge. Sometimes I like thinking about my own training but I did that this whole past year and now I want to stop (over)thinking and just train. Believe it or not, I am a very coachable athlete and when a coach tells me to do something, I do it. Of course I always want to know why but really that's more of a desire to seek understanding than a questioning like should I be doing this... And when I coach myself, for whatever reason, I'm constantly questioning should I be doing this?? That is stressful! Interesting mental dynamic, that one.

~The process of finding and hiring a new coach deserves a whole blog of its own. That's a harder task than it seems! Maybe one of these days I'll go through my thinking process on that one and tell you more about how I approached it.

Ok well I suppose I should go do something productive. Like read your blogs. ;)


Damie said...

train away, friend!!!! You will hear no criticism here. Can't believe you have a 4-year-old!!!!

Tawnee Prazak, M.S., CSCS said...

I couldn't agree more on your reasoning to get a coach! I think enough about other peoples' training plans and all that... I'm more than happy to have someone else thinking about MY training so I can just do :)

Cabo sounds like such a rad IM... why am I not doing that?! Instead I'll be in freezing Lake Tahoe next year ahhh!!!

Melissa said...

Moana is so cute :-) Go little surfer Go!

JC said...

Moana is adorable! I'm going to check out the Cabo thing. AND Drink that wine!

mmmonyka said...

Moana is great! You must have so much fun hanging out with her!

What is Cabo? Need to google it.

I wanted to ask you whether you see a huge difference between P3 and P2 but since you only got a frame and then added components your P2 is not the same as it would be if you bought a whole bike, is it? I might email you about that, because I am trully interested to know how big the difference between those two bikes is.

Wine is disgusting, blah.

Angela and David said...

Love that Moana is surfing! That's so cool. And time is flying. I can't believe our kids are almost 4,

Ange said...

Moana is so cute on that board!!! Cool you can do Cabo! Looks awesome.. just wrong time of year for me. ( who'd you hire??:) )

Kathy said...

Ben loves to say he changed his mind, and ask how long until his birthday. And say, "Mom, I have a plan." They must be the same age. :-)

Mary IronMatron said...

Next post needs to be on the coach you hired!! We want to hear! I can't coach myself for the exact reason you stated. I get exhausted from over-thinking and doubting.
I'm so psyched you are doing Cabo, b/c I want to know everything about it... so you will my informant!!! yeah!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Yes, do a post about your new coach:)
Moana is surfing! Impressive.
Back to coaching myself. Seemed to work well for me, so we'll see!

Kay Carter said...

I enjoyed this post. I like hearing about your training and coaching, but I LOVE Moana stories and pics!! And for my own reasons...I can't wait for Cabo either. :)