Friday, September 28, 2012

So How's It Going?

Friday afternoon! I should probably be cleaning up my kitchen (its a mess) or finishing up laundry (it's piling up) but it's FRIDAY afternoon and I don't want to do any of that and I have not updated this blog in what seems like forever but I've gotten a couple of emails asking how the new training is going... so here you go!

Bullet point style today just b/c I feel like there are a lot of things I could say but none really worthy of  a whole post. :)

~Fwiw, taking ~3 weeks off doing next to nothing (except eating and drinking... I did that!) after an Ironman leaves you with a pretty empty fitness account. Sometimes I think of my aerobic fitness like a bank account... and all those boring aerobic workouts I do are like making deposits into my account. Anyway, feels like I'm completely broke right now but I made a 10 mile deposit this morning. So that's a start! It took forever b/c my HR is sky high so I had to do this tedious walk/jog thing that sucked (self-imposed), BUT, I've been through this before and I'm pretty sure that if I want to cash some checks on that fitness account later, I better make sure there's something in there so they don't bounce. Even knowing this, it sucks to see avg pace so slow. I just try not to look. Do the work and move on, Michelle.

~Lesson of the week: When you haven't been running consistently and it's the day before your period is gong to start, do not attempt an AT run test. No matter what your coach says. #fail #demoralizing

~So ya, not surprisingly, my new coach is a big fan of higher intensity training. Less is More. So it appears I'll be going about things a bit differently this next year. It's hard for me to let go of some core concepts that I've seen work both with myself and with my athletes and therefore I find myself questioning things a bit... I've always thought I thrived on higher volume. Could I also thrive on less? I don't know... But different is what I wanted. What's the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results? Hey, at least I won't go insane. ;)

~In good news, the swim workouts I'm getting now are awesome. Love 'em. Bike too! It's all 2 minutes of this and 4 minutes of that... she uses words like HARD and MAX a lot. EXPLODE is apparently a favorite as well. So that is different! I have more top end power on the bike than I thought.

~The Blue Angels are here this week/weekend. We'll go watch their show tomorrow. Right now they are (again) practicing and buzzing right over our condo. It pretty much sounds like they're going to blow our roof right off as they zip by. Our dog is shaking in the closet, which is where she's been most of the time since the jets arrived. Despite the noise, it's super cool to watch those jets flying around in such cool formations. Yesterday I was riding/running and they were right up over my head. Shocking that I managed to stay upright actually!

~I have not washed my hair in 3 days. That might be a new record. But I swear every night I shower and think why bother? I'm training first thing tomorrow morning... In good news, we actually do have family plans tonight SO... I am indeed going to shower and wash my hair right now. Aren't you so glad you read all the way to the end of this blog post? That was important stuff. Lol.


Damie said...

good post!!! :) I did read till the end, nappy hair friend!

mmmonyka said...

I am incredibly curious to see how this new training is going to work out for you!

It must be little scary to do something new after you have been doing something different for years and years. It takes guts!

I do not understand why you do not wash your hair when you are already taking shower. It is not that much extra work:) Unless you are one of those people who must use different fancy hair products and then blow dry your hair. Then it is extra work and I would not do it either.

JC said...

Great photo of the blue angels. I like the bank analogy, I need to start making some deposits soon too! But not quite just yet;)

Steve said...

I read to the end too. I am glad, because with all the news of training and planes, and condos, and dirty kitchens... I kept thinking, when does this girl wash her hair??

Now I know. :)

cherelli said...

I love watching the fast jets too - the lower the more exciting! After the last few years of working at improving your HR via slow build-up training/HR training I'm interested to see what this new regime does for your speed, I hope it is extremely beneficial!!