Sunday, July 22, 2012

What A Weekend!

We just had an awesome weekend. Tomorrow is Scott's birthday and the best present I could give him was some quality family time so I rented a condo on the beach in Haleiwa for the weekend and we took a little vacation. It was awesome waking up and drinking coffee and looking at this the last few mornings.
Yesterday morning I finally participated in one of the North Shore Swim races of the summer. I actually meant to do the one two weeks ago but forgot to enter before the price went up and the thought of paying $50 for a 30' swim didn't sit so well so I skipped it. I managed to enter the one yesterday before the price went up though so I showed up to swim... For whatever reason these swims didn't interest me all that much this year and consequently the whole time I was swimming yesterday all I could think was I just don't care about this... In reality I think that is some sort of protective mechanism where my brain sends those signals out because I am pretty fatigued from accumulated Ironman training the last few months and my fatigue seems to manifest itself via those types of thoughts. Anyway, not surprisingly, I did not swim well at all. In fact, I got beat by a 65-69 yo woman running up the beach! Lol. Classic. Granted she is bas ass (BUT she is 65-69!!!) She has never beaten me before so I thought that was just so funny. And I know my mom will fall off her chair when she sees this but I'm going to post it anyway because it is exactly indicative of how I felt about that race yesterday.

So naturally since I was so trashed, after the swim I went and ran up/down a long hill. It was ~7.5 miles from sea level to ~1000ft... and then back down.
In all honesty I felt like death right from the first step. Had Nalani not been with me there's a good chance I would have turned around after the first tenth of a mile and spent the rest of the afternoon drinking mai tais on the beach with Scott and Moana. Instead I sucked it up and considered it to be good mental training for Ironman... practicing putting one foot in front of the other when you feel like death... Just like Ironman! So that was perfect. In good news I was only in my own personal hell for maybe 5 miles and then my legs came around and it got a little better and I was glad I persevered. And if you're wondering what the repercussions are of pounding downhill for 7.5 miles, I'll show you. Beautiful, eh? I should lose that one just in time to go to Canada.

Interestingly I was not at all sore this morning and nothing actually hurt. I'm just systemically tired. Apparently even if you spend the rest of the weekend lounging at the beach, you'll still harbor some fatigue after a day like that. (File that under 'duh'.)

And of course I watched the online coverage of IMLP on and off today... It was quite humbling to see that many (almost all?!?) of my friends who were racing there were chewed up and spit out by that course today... and these are some very strong women who I compete against and I know they were trained and ready yet they did not have the day they anticipated. That is further confirmation in my mind that Ironman is a different beast... it is NOT like a half ironman... if you're having a bit of an off day in an Ironman it can easily cost you an hour or more vs what you anticipated... and there are just no guarantees that it's all going to come together on race day. I'll be interested to read race reports and hear what they think happened... but I know that feeling of just being DONE on the marathon yet still trying to get yourself to the finish line (walking in many cases!). For me I think it is going to be more of a mental battle vs a physical battle in Canada... and to that end I'm tailoring my training to put myself in scenarios where I just want to be *done* yet I will not allow myself to be done (note my run yesterday!). So far I am succeeding in this. I capped off 52 miles of running this week with a moderately long brick today- running 6 miles off the bike at IM pace when it was middle of the day and super hot and I did it by simply turning my brain off and running. I did not allow myself to think about it at all. I just did it. So that is going to be my race plan for IMC. I'm going to execute like a robot with no brain. Or try anyway... ;)


Kiet said...

Go on automatic Simmons. You love IMCanada, what kinda experience you do you want?

Damie said...

yes- I was surprised by LP too...I will be interested to hear race reports, and you are right- the IM is always a challenge. Canada will be great for you- you are going to hear my voice on your shoulder encouraging you to say to yourself "I run the whole marathon." That is your mantra. Because clearly with 52 miles this week, the physical ability is there. :) xoxoxo

Christina Davis said...

Wow, can't wait to see your IM race! Getting exciting!!

Christina Davis said...

Can't wait to see how your IM plays out! Very cool!

Anonymous said...

One of these days YOU are going to be that 60 something year old woman and some other 30 something will be saying the same thing about you. Where do you get these random quotes, i.e. the cat pic for starters?

Rest up and I'm sending lots of positive thoughts for you to have a great race in CANADA!!!

Teresa said...

So excited to see you in Canada! I can visualize that woman running past you...ha! No worries though, you are going to rock the swim when it really matters!!!


mtanner said...

Love the quote. Hope your moms okay from falling off her chair! Love that sometimes you don't care either about results! xoxox

Jennifer Harrison said...

GETTING fired up for you for Canada, Michelle...almost almost..
And, I saw your OW swim results this past weekend as I was looking for Roz's (she sent me the link) - NICE work! Enjoy the taper (soon)!

Katie said...

ahahahahahaha, that meme made me laugh for at least 2 minutes.

I'm a big customer of not paying attention and had NO idea you were doing canada. so soon! so exciting!