Thursday, July 26, 2012

Home. Alone.

This is so rare... like unheard of rare... I am home in my house, alone. It is clean. Laundry is done. Schedules are written. I don't have to go get Moana from school this afternoon and I don't have to cook dinner for anyone tonight. And did I mention that my house was clean?? Seriously, this is never the scenario in my world... but TODAY it is! :)

So in reality what happened was that I was having a not-so-rare brain-dead moment when I was booking our tickets for our trip to the mainland... accidentally booked Scott and Moana to leave today and myself tomorrow. Whoops! And interestingly, when you call the airlines and try to explain that Ironman training took your brain away and you booked your tickets on the wrong day and would like to change them to the right day, they say matter of factly, That will be $310 change fee. In which you reply, Um, no thanks. I'll just hang out at home by myself for an extra day.

It worked out really well, actually... having a whole 24 hours at home by myself is turning out to be simply pure bliss. I love my family and all, but a whole day here without them is pretty nice. I've been super efficient today and got all my work done no problem. And I cleaned! I remember when I was a kid, before we went on vacation my mom would always insist that we clean the house... as a kid I never understood why we had to do such a thing (kid logic: no one is going to be home WHY does it have to be clean???) but now as a mom I get it. Coming home from vacation to a dirty/messy house sucks. So now I always clean before we go away.

Tomorrow I'm heading up to Washington where we are staying at a house on a lake that apparently requires a trip on a motorboat to get to the front door. Most of Scott's family will be there so Moana will have a blast playing with her cousins and I am going to sit on the deck with my feet up and read trashy novels. (Seriously- my neighbor just dropped off the first 2 Fifty Shades books... I am all set!)

It won't be all lazy though... in researching the area to find where I might swimbikerun I found that there is a little local triathlon at the next lake over on Sunday morning... and I have to say... the thought of participating in a local race where I would be completely anonymous and know no one was just incredibly appealing to me! It felt all grass roots and reminded me of the good old days when I would simply find a race on a race calendar and show up knowing nothing about the course or my competition and just swimbikerun as fast as I could until they told me to stop. That's pure joy right there. So I entered the Olympic distance race and even though I am pretty sure I have trained every last fast twitch muscle fiber out of my body, I totally can't wait to do it! :)

From Washington then I'm headed over to Boulder for the 70.3 the following weekend... that one will be super fun too I think but in a totally different (less anonymous) way... mostly b/c at that one there really will be quite a few people I know. I've got three athletes racing that one plus some of my really good friends from high school live there now so we're having a little mini 20th reunion dinner... and then of course all the friends I've made from social media too... knock Facebook all you want but I think it's super cool that I'll get to hang with a bunch of awesome people I've 'met' through that site! Rumor has it that Kerrie is trying to cancel the swim and get me drunk first so no promises on performance at that race... Lol. But if Lucho is there watching then you can bet I probably won't walk on the run b/c that would be embarrassing to do in front of your coach who you're meeting for the first time after 18 months of guidance.

So there you go. Let summer vacation commence!


Jill R. said...

Enjoy your day! Moms don't get that many chances to just be alone, but I think it is critical for my mental health. And have a great lake/race-cation!

Tawnee Prazak, M.S., CSCS said...

Good luck at Boulder! I would never walk in front of Lucho either hahaha!

Katie said...

Enjoy your day of R&R and enjoy the 50 Shades series :)

Angela and David said...

SO JEALOUS of your time alone. I'd pay a lot of money for just 24 hours to myself.