Friday, April 27, 2012

My Amazing Life

This afternoon I was sitting in my own stank in my pjs working at my computer because I was (am) a good bit behind on writing schedules for next week... regardless, I was intermittently checking FB when interestingly I got a message from Elizabeth Weil asking a question about run/marathon training and an injury she's currently dealing with. She was gracious and said I didn't have to answer if I didn't want but I was like, Um okay this is ELIZABETH WEIL* of course I am going to answer. I was simply flattered by the fact that she would even ask me so of course I wrote what I thought was a fairly thoughtful and objective informational answer to her and then got back to work.

Later she wrote back and thanked me for the info and I told her that I was happy to answer her questions because I thought she was a superstar. (I know I'm such a kiss-ass but I wasn't kidding I really think that- that woman writes awesome books. AND she was on Oprah.). She wrote back and said "The feeling is mutual. Your life sounds amazing!"

Lol. So this is what prompted this blog post. Want to know what I was doing when I heard the little beep of that message coming through? I was looking under my kitchen sink to find out if I could identify the animal that had obviously died under there (I'd finally isolated the nasty smell I'd been experiencing all day it was indeed not my armpits). I stopped search for the dead mouse for a minute to read the message I heard beep through and was like YES. THIS *is* indeed AMAZING. Now WHERE is that dead mouse? OMG that smell is so rank.

So that got me to thinking about how amazing my life was this afternoon. In no particular order, here's what I did:

~I peeled elmo stickers off the bathroom countertop.

~I put my husbands dirty soccer socks in the laundry pile.

~I searched everywhere for my long lost tool to change the battery on my powertap hub.

~I emptied the dishwasher.

~I loaded the dishwasher with all the dishes that were filling the entire kitchen sink and covering the counter.

~I made dinner.

~I fed myself and Moana while my husband was out playing Friday night pickup soccer with his friends.

~I started a load of laundry.

~I cleaned the kitchen b/c I didn't want the two athletes/friends coming over tomorrow morning to ride see what a disaster my house actually normally is.

~I took a shower with Moana (what can I say I'm efficient we both needed to get clean) and got her ready for bed.

That does sound amazing, doesn't it? I mean, it *is* Friday night after all. Lol. I guess when you take into consideration I did all that in ~2 evening hours after getting up at 5AM to go swim/run and then worked non-stop all day long eating lunch at my desk and picking up yet another new athlete today (I keep telling myself I'm going to stop taking new athletes but then I get a referral and he/she sounds super cool so I'm like I can take just one more), it is kind of amazing but probably not in the way Elizabeth Weil meant amazing...

Anyway, I need to go and see if I can figure out how to get new batteries into my PowerTap before tomorrow morning b/c I am rolling at 6:45 tomorrow morning with two of my local super star athletes on a 4 hour Honu training brick. And the laundry needs to be sorted.

*Briefly... I should note that I had the chance to meet Elizabeth Weil in Kona... she was interviewing athletes there for an article in Outside Magazine... I guess just trying to get a feel for how our heads work or whatever...  funny though I was sitting there on the pier chatting with her and had no idea it was ELIZABETH WEIL I was talking to (that's how far up our own asses our heads are during Kona race week we pay attention to nothing/no one but ourselves) and then months later when I read the article in Outside Magazine I was like OMG THAT WAS ELIZABETH WEIL I WAS TALKING TO (finally put two and two together)... Maybe it as good I didn't know though b/c I probably would have been all tongue tied when I was talking to her... instead I was totally just my amazing  myself... Lol.


Steve said...

WOW, that does sound like an amazing life. I am so jealous. :P

cherelli said...

Ha ha, that is too funny, what an amazing life you have :) !!

Molly said...

Ha! Isn't it funny how our lives look from the outside? :-)

Anonymous said...

I loved that article in the NY Times! I didn't realize she was the author...or that there was a book!

And I think my life is just a *touch* more exciting than your's....I washed my car on Saturday night.

Wild & crazy.

Libby said...

ha this post is hilarious I love it! sometimes the ordinary is the best part of life though :)