Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bring On The Bruises

You know it's totally true that I have felt less inspired to blog this past week and that has been 100% influenced by this calf "situation" I've had going on. It's like when I can't run I feel like I am not even 'whole'... so while I've had some decent swims lately (4x/week swimming is totally the key for me if I want to feel good in the water) and some incredible bike rides (4-6 rides/week = escalating power numbers that have been super fun to hit), they just feel empty when I can't run. Go figure.

I have heard some people who know things about PT say that you don't have to have someone totally wrench on a muscle to get it to loosen up... and maybe that is true. BUT, in my personal experience, the professionals who have tried to be careful and avoid bruising me or simply don't believe in working the muscle too hard have left me with lingering trigger points that have continued to cause debilitating pain when I try to run. On the other hand, the guy who fixed me when this happened last year sent me away from his office with 3 bruises and I compared my experience there with going through labor (and I had Moana without drugs)... but then I ran 17 miles the next day and didn't have another calf situation for ~14 months. So I guess you could say I was craving some bruises again this time around. Pleeeease. Someone just give me a damn bruise.

This afternoon I finally got in to see the guy who fixed me last year- Erik at Diamond Head Chiropractic... this guy knows Ironman and he knows Ironman athletes and what we do to ourselves. I told him today that I needed him to beat my calf into submission. And he did that. It was incredibly painful. But I grit my teeth and grabbed onto that table for dear life and welcomed the pain because I knew that he knew what he was doing. I don't actually know if I have any bruising because I have this pretty tape on my calf now.
Moana of course couldn't take her eyes off it and thinks it is the coolest thing ever because it is pink. My husband didn't even notice for at least an hour after he got home from work. I am just stoked that I can put weight on my forefoot and toes without feeling any shooting pain up my soleus. Mama might just get to run tomorrow! :)


Molly said...

I hope it feels good this morning!!! I used to have those bad calf sessions and get taped up - it makes such a difference but OH BOY is it painful to go through :)

idropboys said...

I hope you can run for the both of us.....9 weeks and counting- I am f'ing losing it. Hope I am running soon!!!