Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Something Has Clicked

As soon as I started off running today I took note of the fact that I felt awesome, again, and it occurred to me that this is a feeling I have been having more and more often lately. Like pretty much every run I've done in the last 4 days (all 6 of them) have felt really good. Whether or not I'm trying to go 'fast' (fast is relative of course), I just feel like my feet are turning over quicker and it all feels super relaxed and easy and light natural. There's been less and less of that I feel like an elephant feeling when I'm pounding the pavement. Yay! (I'm not a big fan of feeling like an elephant.)

Something has clicked (and it's about damn time!)

Of course in times like these it is important to take note of what has been going on so as to make this a repeatable thing. Maybe it was the 360+ miles I ran in Nov-Dec. Or maybe the culmination of an entire year of rather consistent easy aerobic base running, coupled with some speedier intervals lately. Maybe it's the increased frequency of my runs? I'm fairly certain that for me, frequency is playing a bigger part than overall volume. Or maybe it's just that I am starting to see myself as a runner?

I swam this morning for the first time in a week or so... Let's just say swimming frequency has been indirectly proportional to running frequency lately and, um, it's obvious. Oh well.


Ginger Spansel said...

:) That's great!! I, however felt like an elephant yesterday on my run! :(

mmmonyka said...

I love when clicking happens!
You are frustrated and frustrated because you are putting in so much work and effort and do not see enough results and then suddenly "click" et voila, you move to the next level:)

Molly said...

Ha! I hope I don't lose my run while trying to work on my swim :-)

Lectie said...

It's the shoes ;-)

Lectie said...

It's the shoes ;-)