Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You Can't Catch Me!!

So Moana's new favorite game to play is "You Can't Catch Me!!" She runs around the house squealing and repeating that phrase while Scott and I run around squealing and pretending we can't catch her. Anyway, tonight while we were playing I was thinking that would be a good phrase to write for Kerrie on the 'motivational' board they set up coming out of the Energy Lab at Kona. :)

In good news, I have my brain back! All it took was two really easy/relaxed training days, some really nutrient dense food, and a couple nights of 9+ hours sleep. Turns out, that combination is actually quite magical on the third day when you go to train again. I actually thought I was mis-reading my watch a couple times this morning in the pool... haven't seen numbers like that in, well, I can't remember how long? So that was cool.

Then my instructions for the bike afterward were pretty open... basically, if you can get your HR up above 145 then do the ride, if not, bag it and spin home. It took ~30 minutes and some focusing, but eventually I got my HR to 145 and I felt strong so I gave myself permission to continue riding. And then I thought about how far I've come this year. I remember coach telling me last winter that a time would come when I would worry about getting my HR up to 150... which seemed incredibly ridiculous at the time because all the riding I was doing back then involved getting dropped by groups and a whole bunch of soft pedaling to keep my HR <150. How could it possibly change so much?? But there you go... this morning I was flying along Kam Hwy and really did have to focus and ride rather fast keep my HR above 145. And I felt like I could have gone on at that effort forever. Ok, well, not forever. I take that back, coach. Please don't make me try to do it forever. Though I guess when your water stops look like this maybe riding forever wouldn't be such a bad thing? (Check me out- taking a picture for you guys!)

In not so good news, my bike is acting up again. Ugh! It was shifting all on its own today and the jerking I felt last spring in the left crank is back. That poor bike has been through hell this year. I took it to my friend Dennis this afternoon and he's going to wrench it for me and see if he can't make it work appropriately. Maybe new cables will help? Maybe if I cleaned it and took better care of it that would help?

Anyway, I started this post with a bit about Moana so I'll finish it with a bit about her as well. She started her new preschool this week and is so happy... I took her Monday morning and she just ran right into that room (where she knew no one) and yelped out HI EVERYBODY!!! She is not shy. And now she comes home and sings songs to me about monkeys teasing alligators... you can't catch me!!


Damie said...

ha:) I get it. at first you can't keep your HR down, and then you see the higher zones and you wonder how you will get up there and hold it! I totally understand. sounds like training is going well!!! keep it up!

Molly said...

Sleep. I've been doing a lot of that this week. It really does help! :)

Now you need video of the chase game :)

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

I think your bike is having the same 6-7year itch mine was. I didn't want to fork anymore more money into her! I bet ya I can get you the same smoking deal on the argon we got :-) I'M DYING TO GET MINE… I went in stocking the bike shop yesterday… I miss me some aerobars

mmmonyka said...

You are awesome!!!