Tuesday, April 20, 2010

For The Love Of Shoes

For the longest time Moana was really quite anti-shoe. She would only wear her little bobux slippers and *nothing* else was ever allowed on her foot. One time a while back I took her shopping at Target and we walked all up and down the toddler shoe aisle and I showed her every shoe in the place but all she gave me was an urgent head shake while repeating, "No. no. no. no..." Ok then. We won't buy new shoes. No problem.

That 'loyalty to only the Bobux' stage expired a few weeks ago. The first (besides the Bobux) to actually catch on were The Boots. My neighbor gave me her son's black boots once he outgrew them. Again, at first she would have nothing to do with them. But then she started trying to get them on, which was a drama in itself, and lots of fits resulted from her inability to get these boots on. Eventually we would help her so she'd have the boots on but then decide that she did NOT want them on so she'd shake her foot until they came off... throwing a fit if she couldn't get them off immediately. But then once they were off she would inevitably decide that she wanted them back ON and another fit would ensue. Needless to say, there were many times when I removed the boots from sight and just put them outside. Anyway, now she's pretty well versed in getting her boots on and I think we all enjoyed the video of her dancing in nothing but the black boots and her diaper. In case you missed it the first time, here it is again.

Now that she's got the boots figured out, she wants to wear them everywhere. There's no rationalizing with her either about how it might be warm and sunny so no need for black boots. The girl wants her fashion and I rarely argue.

Next Moana started becoming obsessed with MY shoes. I got a new pair of Saucony's in the mail the other day and immediately she needed to try them on. She's getting better at figuring how to get her feet into a pair of shoes and actually walking. Lol.

And then today, she finally let me put a pair of slippers on her feet. (We call flip flops 'slippers'.) At first it was just a way to keep her occupied in the car so she wouldn't fall asleep on our way home from lunch... I was surprised she let me put them on her (she's never allowed this previously) and then the whole car ride home she just stared at them and repeated, "WOW!" like she was so impressed with her own fashion sense she couldn't even believe it. It was funny watching her try to walk in them for the first time- those soles are a lot thicker than what she's used to so definitely more challenging since she can't feel the ground. Anyway, it didn't take her too long to catch on... she became somewhat proficient in the first few minutes... Now she's like a real local girl.

So speaking of shoes, I am anxiously waiting for the Fed Ex man because apparently a box from Trakkers is supposed to arrive today with some cool new cycling clothes and a pair of Saucony FastTwitch 4's for me! Moana will likely be more obsessed with them than I am (they are bright green!) but I'm looking forward to trying them. I hear they make you fast. ;)


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Ange said...

she's such a cutie. I love her boots. I have a picture of my son in his crib, under age 1 I think, with nothing but a onesie and cowboy boots. :0)
I'm way behind on blog reading so:
CONGRATS On your Sprint!!! Great race. ( I use HEED...I like it..)
GReat post on irrational fear (and glad you got a boost from my 'don't let age get to ya' comment.) Way to go in the POOL!! fastest EVER? 500 adn 1000??? wow!
and finally...tell your friend the mooseman hill isn't That bad. (Mooseman in NH right?) I've done it twice...I assume it's the same hill. It's a 'put your head down and get up it' but she'll be fiiiine!

Lizzie said...

Michelle, she is just too much!! However you do know that your inadvertently gathering ammunition for her 21st birthday, right? :)

Anonymous said...

Those are so cute!! A woman after my own heart - shoes, shoes, shoes! You will love your box when it comes - lots and lots of goodies : )

Angela and David Kidd said...

She's adorable. We went through the same phases with shoes and an obsession with boots and then wearing my shoes. Now it's constant "Shoe off" from the backseat and then I hear him throw it against the back of my seat.

I'm not sure what he'd do in flip flops. Sadly, we are still wearing coats here.

Megan said...

Too cute :)

Regina said...

Your daughter is just too cute. I want to see the dog in those boots (yes, I have done terrible things to my dog in the name of fashion).

N.D. said...

haha, she's soo cute!