Sunday, August 2, 2009

Guava Season

Ahhh. Sunday afternoon. I feel happy and satisfied. Moana is in such a good happy playful mood... it's contagious! :) There's just no way to look at this little girl and not crack yourself up smiling. She's making all sorts of funny faces at me and doing her little raspberries with her lips and squealing out any kind of noise/word she can manage. Days like this remind me that having her was the best thing I've ever done. I'm a Mama in love.

In other good news, I'm finally completely done working out for the week! Yay! This has been a big one and I'm proud to report that I got in everything I was supposed to... with the exception of that Tuesday run that I had to cut short, but then Thursday's run was long since I got lost so we'll call it even.

Swim: 9800M
Bike: 185 miles
Run: 46 miles
Yoga/core: 90 minutes

Too bad I don't get paid to do this. Even if it was only $10/hour, I'd have earned $220 this week. Instead, I probably spent that on sports drinks, bars, and GU. Ugh.

No wonder I was craving real food.

So this morning I was about 2 hours into my 2 1/2 hour run when I came across a guava on the ground. Yes, I might have been hallucinating just a little, but this guava looked heavenly. I stopped. I picked it up. Inspected it for bugs. No bugs. Hadn't been cracked open at all. But it was just soft enough to call ripe.

Ok, so it didn't quite look like this one in the picture, but it was good enough to eat. So I stood there on the side of the road, cursing the fact that I had just cut my nails as I was trying to pry this thing open. Finally, I cracked through the outer peel and sucked out the insides like they were some sort of magical elixir.

Oh. My. Gosh. That guava was seriously the best thing I'd eaten during that run. Maybe ever. I wanted another one. I looked up for the source of this magic food and saw, to my major disappointment, that the tree was very tall. And even though there were plenty of good size fruit ready to fall, there was no way for me to get to any of it. Grrr.

The good news is that the next few miles went by quickly- in fact they were a complete blur- because I spent them scouring the side of the road looking for another guava to eat. Didn't find one, so I had to use the power from the one to get me home.

I love guava season. And mango season. All the mangos are ripe now too. My neighbor keeps picking them off her tree and bringing them over for Moana. Of course she shares them with me. Can you tell which half is hers and which half is mine? YUM.


Nitsirk said...

So jealous. All we have are pinecones :)

Regina said...

Mmmmmmm! How yummy! Especially that you found it on your run. If I found anything edible on my run, there is no doubt it would be toxic.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog yesterday and for your kind words about my work. It was a very pleasant surprise!

I too had to smile looking at that pic. Wait 'til she starts talking, you will crack up with the things that she will say. The joy just keeps on coming.

Clare said...

if i could find guavas on my runs i think i'd run more.

Charisa said...

Oh wow - that fruit looks awesome!

X-Country2 said...

That's awesome. You were like a cartoon character looking up at the tree and trying to plan some sort of human catepolt to get them down. :o)

Natalie D said...

Moana is so adorable! Love hearing about what she is doing :)

Um, you are so lucky. You make me want to just pack up and move there!

Beth said...

Oh I had to laugh at the vision of you scouring the area for another fruit...and finding the tree but all the fruit being too high! I feel like I know exactly how you felt - like some sort of cruel joke!! That fruit looks so good though. Great job on all your training for the week! Huh - if only we could get paid for it like you said!! :)

Lizzie said...

I think I had guava butter in Puerto Rico last year - and that was SO good, so I think I would love fresh guava! I always have some frozen mango handy when the fresh ones are too much $$$. I think you're the first person I have known who has access to an actual tree! :)

Ross Tucker and Jonathan Dugas said...

Hi Mama Simmons,

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Please can you email me at

Thanks so much!

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Katie A. said...

LOL! I, too, had to laugh as I envisioned you running down the road searching for guavas! What a cool mid-run treat- way better than a Gu!
Cute pic of Moana, she is getting so big!

kerrie said...

okay, put me down as being really jealous too! i would love to find fruit like that on a long run. all i find are mosquitoes, stray dogs and cows - none of which are very appetizing.
solid training!!

Mnowac said...

mmmmm mango. I would love to hear details of what you eat on all those long training run/rides. Sounds like a great week of training.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Way to go with the run - awesome! Yeah...I hear you on the gels and bars....blech. Sometimes its just the real food that we need. Hooray for fruits! (and veggies - don't want to leave them out, of course).

Nice training week - very solid!!!!!

cat. said...

wow, SUPER training!!! congratulations.

i just noticed the two bottom teeth she has. OMG!!

Roo said...

What a great story! Hopefully you'll find more guavas on all your runs!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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