Thursday, September 15, 2016

On What I *Can* Do...

Often when you're injured it's easy to focus on what you can't do. I have a stress reaction (turns out if's actually femoral neck and intertrochanter, not exactly femur) so I cannot run. I cannot hop. I cannot do weight bearing exercise really at all. So that's a bummer. However, I *can* swim and bike and water run and do some basic functional strength stuff and all that is enough to keep me sane at the moment so really, it's all good.

So what have I been up to? Swimming a couple times/week and that's pretty much 'as normal'. Not sure I need to bore anyone with the details. Some swimming has been pretty easy, some has been more tempo, and some has been downright MAX. So. Pretty standard. It's been a bit of a logistical PITA b/c the pool right by my house has been closed for a full month now (pump repairs) so I've been scrambling to get to other pools that are open but with limited hours which just sort of screws up my day. I miss just swimming MWF morning with my pals and having it all done early. Hopefully next week my 'home pool' opens back up. I know I shouldn't complain about my life being hard because it is not hard but regardless, I'll appreciate the ease that is having a free long course pool open 1/2 mile from my house. #spoiledbrat

Biking has been mostly super relaxed and easy. Been riding maybe 3x/week. I have no pain in my leg/hip at all when I ride which is awesome. So my rides are super cruise I've been avg like 115watts for maybe 90-120min each time out. I have been adding in some very short but near full gas efforts like 40-60" uphill... only maybe 3-6 of those in each ride. Call it 'polarized' training if you want to give a name to it, but I've spent my time riding at either 110watts or 310watts*. Not much in the middle. This was my ride from Tuesday.

Today my "main set" was 3x40seconds (wow, right?) but I avg 400+w for each of those which is pretty big for me. Full recovery on those at <100watts for as long as I need to feel like I'm ready to hit it again. I find it easy to wrap my head around such itty bitty short little sets. And doing the majority of my 'training' at such a low intensity pretty much has me chomping at the bit to go HARD when I finally get the opportunity. Overall I think I could characterize my riding these days as 'patient'.

"Running" has been done in the ocean. I started off going into town and 'running' at Ala Moana which is this protected area of water where there are no waves or really any adversity at all. Water running there is actually somewhat enjoyable b/c there's a nice view of Diamond Head and I can chat with stand-up paddlers and watch Japanese tourists have their wedding pictures done on the beach. The last few days I've been logistically challenged with getting into town so I've just stayed close to home which means water running on the east side... but the wind has been blowing (out of the east) at a solid 25mph which creates different conditions than what you get at Ala Moana... It's more akin to trail running I guess you could say. Trail running in the ocean? Something like that. It's challenging and I have to pump my arms pretty hard to keep my head above water. Even then, its a constant smack in the face with the wind chop. Can't say water running there is my favorite thing to do BUT it is better than water running in an indoor pool so once again I'll shut up and not complain. #spoiledbrat

The deep ache I felt in my hip is going away slowly but surely. I think this is the time period where its really good that I had the MRI to confirm what the problem was. If I didn't know it was a bone issue, I'd probably be trying to jog on it right now (it feels almost like I could). I can see how when athletes don't get a correct diagnosis that this injury could last a long time b/c I think if I were to try to run on it tomorrow, I could, and it would only hurt a little... so I'd go running again the next day and it would hurt a little more... and that would set me way back in the healing process. I've circled Nov 1 on the calendar as the day I'll start back walk/jogging (Ok maybe I'll start walking prior to that? We'll see). I've walked a little here and there- doc said I'm ok to go without crutches and I'm super glad about that. I think it was an ok call as well b/c I feel like the pain is just a little bit less every day so I don't think I'm doing anything at the moment that is causing a delay in healing. I've only been walking enough to go about my daily life though- not extra walking. Scott has been in charge of all the dog walking for the last 2 weeks and while he's good at that and enjoys it, I think Maia misses the long walks on the trails she and I used to do. I'll look forward to getting back out there with her as soon as it feels ok to do so.

In the meantime, seems the highlight of her day is waiting for the cats to finish up eating so she can clean their bowls.

*Did I mention that PowerTap replaced my pedals that fried out right before Vineman? Took me a while to get on the customer service dept to make that happen but once I started the process, it was easy and now I have new pedals that function. Mahalo, PowerTap!

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