Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm 40!

Lordy Lordy I'm 40!

We ended up being pretty drunk yesterday so the motto was more like I'm 40 AND I KICK ASS. Just see the special birthday skirt Nalani made for me because THAT is proof! :)

So if we're friends on Facebook you know how we celebrated yesterday. It took us like a week of brainstorming different options of how to make the celebration epic... Nalani is such a good friend she took off work (on a Tuesday!) so we could do this together. I didn't even have to twist her arm.

Anyway, it was a fun day! I was thinking it would take us like 2:15 to do the whole thing, and I still believe we could do that if we hurried, but we didn't really rush rush through this…

And shoot, by the last beer Nalani was goading me on and making fun of how slowly I was sipping. Call it bonking? Nah. I just wasn't properly trained for the drinking portion of this event! I should have hired Krista as my coach. She would have had me prepared I'm sure! ;) As it was, it took us over 3 hours! Waaay too much chatting and peeing.

I will say though, the 2nd set of 400's in the pool was a trip! It came fairly soon after the 3rd beer... and for the record, I wore my goggles while running the 400m to the pool that round. Classic! Then we did burpees on the wet tennis court b/c we are hard core!

After all that we hopped in the water and all I could think was WHOA. I don't think I've ever been that buzzed while swimming in a pool?! It was fun though and I got cocky, but mostly because Krista sort of gave us a hard time about being able to make 5x400's @6:30 there at the end… To be completely honest, sitting on the edge of the pool yesterday I didn't know if I could do it either, but I suspected we could, especially since we got to put on pads/buoy/bands on that 2nd set. What I really wanted was to descend 1-5, because that to me seemed very much like an I'M FORTY AND I'M A BADASS kind of thing to do. Before we started I told Nalani that if we came in <6:15 on the first one we'd go off 6:20… if not, we'd stick with 6:30… First one 6:13 Nalani flashed a drunk smile at me and 7" later we were off again. My sense of pace/effort in the pool is typically pretty well developed but apparently not when I'm buzzing like that because #2 we came in at 6:04. Shit that was too fast was all I muttered and once again we were off. So #3 we came in 5:58 (that was my goal for #5 I was there way too early!) and that also made 6:20 too roomy of a send-off so we went off 6:10 for the last ones… 5:55 on #4 all I was thinking  was HA Krista thought we couldn't do this I'll show her! Then last one I just wanted to go under that 5:55, which I knew by that point I could do! Was pretty stoked to see 5:45 on my watch for that last one and it made me think that being 40 didn't mean I'm all washed up. :)

In other news, for my birthday Scott is constructing me a chicken coop for our backyard. Lol.

Last week I brought home 4 little chicks from the local Feed Supply store. My hope is that one day I'll be able to go out back and collect eggs from happy free range chickens in our yard! I really don't know *anything* about raising chicks and chickens but there's a lot of info online about that so I'm learning! We were all quite excited about our new chicks when we first brought them home. Ozzie especially.

We named them right away… Big Red, Eleanor, Snow, and Chocko. You can probably guess who is who.

Anyway, we thought we did a good job cat-proofing the brooder. Scott mentioned to me that Ozzie seemed to be obsessed with watching those chicks but honestly it didn't worry me because I didn't think he could get at them when the lid was on. But a little while later (like a whole hour after we brought them home) I went into the garage to check on those chicks and found that our cat-proofing skills were no match for Ozzie's instincts… he was inside the brooder, with Snow in his paws and the other 3 chicks huddled together and peeping their little brains out in the opposite corner. Holy crap I wasn't really sure what to do!?! Moana hadn't seen any of that and I thought it best if it stayed that way so I quickly got rid of the evidence and said nothing and then made a point to lock Ozzie out of the garage. Of course later Moana noticed that Snow was missing… Oh no she must have escaped?? Maybe we'll find her tomorrow sweetie... it's time for bed…

Next morning first thing Moana wanted to go look for Snow… we looked but couldn't find her… So sad! But in some sort of Valentine's Day miracle, while Moana was out to breakfast with her neighborhood friend, I found Snow version 2.0 at the Feed Store. Moana shrieked so loud when she came home and heard the news (We found Snow!!) all was right in the world. :) So as of now all 4 chicks are alive and pooping thriving so stay tuned for some chicken raising stories in the coming months. :)


Katie said...

Drunk swimming is definitely an interesting experience! Sounded like such a fun birthday & I enjoyed following along on FB.

Angela and David said...

Happy happy birthday! Moana is never going to forgive when she gets older and learns that Snow story!!

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

Bahahaha. YES, I would have trained you properly for this. And YES you are a bad ass ;)

Katie said...

happy 40th, wenchy woman. your day looks fabuloso!