Tuesday, January 7, 2014

TeamBSC Triathlon

Hey guess what you guys!? (BIG News!) TeamBSC is expanding!
So here's the deal... In the last couple of years I've had a good bit of success with my coaching business. As a whole, the athletes I work with are happy, they're doing well, and enjoying the process of it all. I think there are several reasons for that, not the least of which is my own desire to work with these folks. Seems to me that when a person loves their job, they're better at it. They pay more attention to the little things and the results then speak for themselves. I went back and checked some stats from 2013 and this is what I found:

~TeamBSC had 21 athletes finish 24 Ironman races… for the second year in a row had a 100% finisher rate!
~16 of the 21 athletes achieved lifetime PRs at the distance (76% PR rate).
~2 Kona qualifiers and 7 Vegas qualifiers. 

Boom! How fun was that!?! The challenge for me comes when I end up with too many athletes. I've found I really do have to limit myself because if I have too many I lose track of the little things, and that is not ok. I get flustered, and then I'm not doing as good of a job as I want to be doing. And yet, new inquiries keep coming in, especially now in the new year!

But don't fret my friends! We have solved the problem! :) As of now, I am officially changing the Simmons Endurance Coaching name to TeamBSC Triathlon. And it is most fitting that the gals I'm bringing on as additional coaches are Kelly and Krista... two gals who have basically spear-headed the whole TeamBSC concept. They will each now have their own stable of athletes, which I will oversee and guide as necessary!

See, I didn't come up with the whole BSC thing. Pretty sure it was Krista who did that... I would love to figure out the actual origins now- what I remember is that at some point several years ago Krista posted something on Facebook about a workout she had on her schedule and called (either it or me, probably me) BatShitCrazy. It was funny. We had a good laugh. Then she nailed the workout. I don't even remember what the workout was (likely it was a swim) but I would BET that if Krista looked at it now she would laugh at the thought that she thought it was that crazy. It's all relative, you know.

ANYWAY, moving on. Krista and Kelly are going to make *awesome* coaches. I believe 100% in these ladies. They get it. Beyond the knowledge they have gained and the experience/success they have had, they are in the same situation I was in a few years ago. They want to help athletes achieve what they have achieved. And they believe it is possible! You see, between the three of us, we don't actually have a ton of genetic talent. None of this Ironman thing has come easily or overnight to us. There are some athletes (and we might be a tiny bit jealous of them!) who seem born athletes. They put on a pair running shoes and they're jogging 7' miles off the bike while chatting. Ya. Notsomuch over here! I think all three of us spent a year (or six) stuck around the 12-hour mark at Ironman! And yet, we've figured out that if we train the right way and eat (mostly) the right food and get enough rest, that we, just normal everyday BatShitCrazy women, can end up on a podium the day after an Ironman. It's not a given, but it's a possibility, and we believe it!
So there you go! Check out our new website! I am super proud of this whole thing and am seriously looking forward to this next year. Also note that Krista and Kelly are going to be running a very reasonably priced Triathlon Training Camp the last weekend of March in Scottsdale, which will include a day trip down to Tucson to climb Mt Lemmon! All the info is up there on the website now so let us know if you want to play!

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