Monday, September 2, 2013

Race Week Musings

I'm sitting here eating peanut butter out of the jar (to my credit, with an apple, not just with a spoon). It's race week and typically I try to avoid peanut butter in the 2-3 weeks prior to a race because if I just cut out that one thing I'll lose like 10lbs (at least). I managed to do it perfectly before Honu but for whatever reason this time around I have caved to my peanut butter cravings. Not sure what that says about my race preparations... I think it is more a reflection of my current HORRORmonal state b/c I'm not just eating peanut butter like it's my job- I'm also bitchy and negative and Saturday when I was riding I was super pissed that my socks were too tight. Maybe some of you ladies can relate.

In good news, in another day or so this pissy attitude should pass and I'll feel good again so I am not worried. 

So I leave for Vegas on Wednesday night. Not normally a fan of the overnight flights but nothing a glass of wine and an ambien can't fix. Nalani and Lectie are also on my flight so they can wake me up if I'm still passed out when we land.

Most exciting about this trip is probably that I get to meet a couple of athletes (Monika and Brian) who I have been coaching for years but have never met! I feel like I know them of course but the face to face meetings are always the best. :) In all, there will be 7 of us Team BSC'ers on the start line on Sunday and I'm pretty proud of that fact. It also makes the post race party bigger and therefore more fun!  We rented a BSC party house where several of my athletes will be staying... we are near the finish line and our fridge/freezer will be stocked with Guiness and ice cream for post-race celebrations by the backyard pool. I am looking forward to that time swapping war stories and stuff. That's why we race, right? So we can swap war stories over beers after it's all over?

I have not yet started packing, justified by the fact that our condo is still on the market and we have a showing tomorrow which means it's probably in our best interest to not have my triathlon crap strewn about the house. In fact, I should be cleaning it right now. Yet I am blogging. Again, where are my priorities?? Argh. Get it together, Michelle.

OK so curious about my race plan? Here it is: (pretty simple)
~Take off watch.
~Shut off brain.
~Swim fast.
~Bike strong.
~Run strong.

I feel as fit and strong as ever... yet... this photo sums up how I'm imagining I'll feel after I get out of T2...


JC said...

You are clearly the cheetah. Have a great race momma Simmons. I'll be tracking like a mad woman online. Woohoo.

Kathy said...

Have a great race!

Anonymous said...

It's gonna be a great day!!! I'm super excited you guys are going to be there too!!!