Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday Update!

Random bullet points tonight!

~You know what sucks? When you go to touch up some walls around your house that need fresh paint and after it dries you figure out that while it's supposed to match the original color, it doesn't really. So now you need to repaint the whole damn room.

~We are trying to make our condo look like no one lives here. That's an issue because, um, we do live here. In fact, 2 adults, a 4 year old, 2 cats and an old incontinent dog live here. This place is going on the market on Thursday and it is still full of junk and not ready to show. Wish us luck with that.

~We need to put it on the market because we found a house we'd maybe like to buy and since the offer will be contingent upon the sale of this condo, seems like we should be listed on the MLS, no? The house we want is old and would be a huge project to fix up (read: HUGE project, overwhelming really) but if we work on it non stop for 2 years and put every last penny we have into it, it has so much potential to just be AWESOME. Really what I like about it is the amazing ocean view and the giant mature mango tree in the front yard. The mango tree might be worth the entire cost of the home because there are at least 200 perfect mangos on that tree and many of them are low enough for Moana to pick. Mangos are worth what? $3000/ea? At least. We decided we'd put Moana on the street corner selling mangos to raise funds.
~Buying a home is emotionally stressful. Especially in this market where the nice ones are sold immediately for over asking in a bidding war.

~Moana starts kindergarden next week! We went shopping for all her new school supplies. She is stoked. She'll be one of the youngest in her class and this is the last year she made the Dec 31 birthday cut-off... next year they're changing the cut-off to Aug 31 so she would have had to wait another year. She's ready though- she's so smart and mature it's scary. She was actually asking me about college today. #truestory

~Pre-school ended last week so she's home with me for the week. It's only Tuesday but I'd say we're having fun together so far. I will say though, I'm definitely not cut out to be a stay-at-home-mom. She talks too much and I like my quiet time. ;)

~This week I have a lot less time to train, which is fine because I think I really needed a bit of a break anyway. What's fun though is that I'm allowed to bring Moana with me to the CrossFit box and she LOVES it. So I'm doing CF a lot this week. :) She swings on the rings and plays with the jump ropes and the pvc pipes and lacrosse balls... She mimics us too. Watching her try to do burpees this morning was awesome. This morning she specifically asked if we could go to the gym- it was the one thing she really wanted to do today!

~This past weekend I was asked to be on a relay team for a local triathlon we have here every summer. They wanted me to be the runner. Ha! My first response was, You know I suck at running, right?? People who are not triathletes maybe don't know that any success I might have experienced in triathlon is not based on the strength of my run... but Gail is an excellent swimmer and Erika is a super solid cyclist and neither of them like to run a step so they seemed to think that whatever I would do would be fine. So I agreed to do it. It was fun! And we wont the women's relay division, but definitely not because of me! They built the lead... I just hung on to it.

~This pic is right at the finish. I was happier with how I felt than my overall pace... That 10K confirmed to me a couple of things, one of which is that my slow run splits in triathlons have nothing to do with biking too hard because I don't run any faster without biking first. In fact, I actually run faster off a hard 40K effort! It was nice though to feel good and strong at the end- I felt like an ox and definitely like I could have continued on for quite some time without breaking down.

~Kona Camp is next week!!! Campers get ready- Moana will be there for the weekend and yesterday she declared herself Head Referee. I instructed her to deduct points for whining (NOT that any of you would even consider whining...) You should know though, she's easily bribed. So bring something sparkly.


sunnyrunning.com said...

How is Kindergarten starting next week?? Agh, summer.

Steve said...

I liked this blog update Michelle. There is a lot of stuff to your life huh??

Do you have an internal battle between Triathlon/Athlete Michelle, and Momma Michelle, and everything else??

Welcome to the club. All our plates are pretty full.

I'd like to make things easy for you, but that is not going to happen. Life is hard. Guilt is omnipresent, and Should I do this, and should I do that??

Oh well, this will all figure itself out.

Take care. :) xo

rr said...

Hope you get the house! Can I buy the condo? Not really, I can't afford it.

Sky and Moana's bdays are 2 days apart, and Sky went early too. There are lots of young kids, and she's doing just fine.

Wyatt's bday is 12/22 and we sent him anyway as well. Boys being the youngest is a whole different story. He struggles.