Sunday, June 16, 2013

The June Birthday Beer Swim/Run Bash!

As we were driving to the beach yesterday, I taught Moana a new word... Referee. I explained that she had been voted to act as the official Referee of this special June Birthday Beer Swim/Run event, which meant that she was in charge of the rules, and that she could award points to anyone for pretty much anything she liked. Not surprisingly, she took to this role like a champ. As soon as she saw Kurt's rainbow goggles, she immediately awarded him 10 points!

I should go back... a few weeks ago we started planning for this June Birthday Beach and Beer Bash via private messaging on Facebook. Nalani, Kim, and Lectie all have June birthdays so we thought an ocean swim and run involving beer would be a fun way to celebrate...  It evolved over time until at some point Nalani created this official event flyer describing the "rules" we had come up with. I'll note, we weren't even drunk when we came up with these rules!

So the afternoon went something like this: Scott and Moana paddled out to Flat Island with a cooler full of beer. (We are good parents, I swear) It's only like maybe 400M from shore and water shallow enough we could stand at any point.
Lectie had suggested bonus points for drinking your beer through your snorkel. I guess if you swam in college this is a requirement? Lectie and Nikki and Aaron all chose this option. The rest of us just chugged ours in <60" for the same 10 points. (Yes, I timed it!)
Aaron was the champ though he seriously snorked his beer in less than 10". It was impressive.
None of us managed to spot a turtle, and no man-o-war stings either, so several of us chose to swim 30 strokes of butterfly on the way back. Fwiw, that was a tough way to earn 10 points!

On shore we chugged beer #2 then headed off on the 'run' portion of the event. Nikki pulled on her pink tutu and Moana was simply beside herself, immediately awarding Nikki 100 points!
Yikes! Lectie and I had to do a lot of cartwheels around the Lanikai loop to make up for that point deficit. (Finally those 10 years I spent in the gym as a kid paid off.) Though I will say, after the 3rd chugged beer, 10 cartwheels in a row left me dizzy enough to nearly fall over. :)
Anyway, this was a super way to celebrate birthdays. What a fun Saturday afternoon activity with some incredibly awesome athletes. Work Hard Play Hard, right?!?


Damie said...

super fun!!!!!

Steve said...

yesterday I neither worked hard, or played hard. I was just a lazy blob. :)

Sounds like a fun Birthday party.

Katie said...

Now this looks like FUN day!

Betsy said...

Work hard, play hard in deed. You guys are awesome. Will you adopt me as my parents too :)

Katie said...

I read this out loud to Thom last night in bed and we both were giggling like mad. I thought you would want to know that.

Julie Dunkle said...

Seriously love this! we need more fun like this in SD

kimberlymichi said...

At the rate we are going we will seriously need lifeguards for your 40th birthday swim.

Kiet said...

I like it that as a parent, you still do this type of stuff, those beer pictures could be a FB page update from college.

lectiealtman said...

scared, but totally excited for next year's 40th (and 30th!) birthday bash!!

What a fun day! Thanks!