Monday, May 13, 2013


Updating your blog is harder when you do it less often. It's like where do I start??

How about with what I just did?? I just updated my homepage to so every time I open my browser that's the site I'll see from Kelly Starrett. He just recently made that site subscription based for new content. I'm glad I found him before and realized how much awesome info he has to teach b/c normally I'm not a fan of subscription based websites. But this one is worth the $8/month for sure. Every day there's new awesome content and the amount I have learned in the last few weeks from this guy is unreal. I have never heard anyone explain how our bodies should be functioning like this guy does and I find myself glued to the videos he makes... watching them over and over until I'm sure I understand. I've finished reading his book though I continue to go back and reference it often. This is like continuing education at it's absolute best.

Can you tell I'm a fan?

My obsession with that website stems from the fact that I am fixing my hip/hamstring/glute situation by using his mobilization and stabilization techniques. It's not all better quite yet but it's getting there and I'm running a little here and there. It's super frustrating of course because I'm not able to train the way I'd like to be able to train in order to see the fitness gains I'd like to see. Doing things half-ass is not my style but it's all I've got right now so I'm trying to be patient and work within my current limiters. Some days I do a better job than others. Yesterday my PWN after my run said something like, "I wish I could say I'm being all mature about how slow this was but I am not. Feeling super frustrated." So there you go.

Let's talk about something more cheery than how slowly I move when I am "running".

How about how cool my cats are? My neighbor took this picture over the weekend. That's Harriet running down our roof. One day I hope to be as agile as she is. She's got great downhill skillz.
Friday morning I swam Mokes with a couple of friends. It was one of the most perfect morning ocean swims ever. Glassy water like a lake. So rare out there.
Sunday I swam it again. Here's what the radar showed Sunday morning. For those of you who don't live here, I should note we live (and were swimming) on the east side of Oahu.

Hence, it looked a little different in the water Sunday morning. The ocean is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get.

Wet soggy days are not my favorite, especially in mid-May. But the waterfalls are pretty. I'd say this is what it looked like on my run, but while I was running those mountains weren't actually visible b/c of the low and thick cloud layer. It poured on me the whole time, which I actually sort of liked. Though I'm hoping the sun comes out again tomorrow. I am solar powered.


Steve said...

water fall picture looks cool. I forget where that is, but I have seen it before. Maybe there are a few mountains like that?? I forget.

Anyway, hope you get back to running the way you like.

Jill R. said...

Cracked up at "I am solar powered". Glad to hear the injuries are healing!

Run Gunn Run said...

I really hope I get to swim Mokes with you in Oct! And I hope it looks like it did on Saturday! Although, I'd take Sunday too...:)

mtanner said...

Um, I want to swim Mokes?

Jennifer Harrison said...

YES that book and website are THE BEST, glad you found it helpful!!!!

Kiet said...

Am on that book!