Sunday, March 3, 2013

Breakfast Of Champions

What a great weekend! First off, I want to brag just a little about how awesome team BSC is doing right now... Strong performances happening all over the place... At the Great Aloha Run a couple weeks ago, Gene set a 3' PR and Patrick won his age group (also with a PR). Leigh won her age group yesterday at the Haleiwa Sprint Tri... Karen won her age group at the Women's 10K this morning... Krista BQ'd with a 38' PR at Phoenix Marathon yesterday... Mary put together a good strong 1/2 marathon... and Scott successfully Escaped from Alcatraz!

My head is spinning.

And did you see what the BSC girls are going to be wearing this year?? MAGIC SPARKLE!
Special thanks to Jodi over at (Maui based) Salty Coconuts for creating these for us! I cannot wait to wear this in Cabo... IN TWO WEEKS.

In other news, I had a nice confidence boosting morning. Raced a 20K TT on my bike. I've done this one the last 4 years in a row... for 3 years was 2nd or 3rd OA and, well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't in it to win it this morning. 2nd and 3rd is good and all, so I don't want to come off like I'm complaining AT ALL... BUT, I've been training my ass off and somewhere in my mind I just felt it was time to freaking WIN one of these things.
I brought out my whole race set up... race bike (that I have ridden exactly once since IM Canada), race wheels, helmet, new shoes... so that was good to test out everything exactly as I'll be using it in Mexico and happy to report it was all perfect. I love that white P3 and love that I only ride it on special days b/c it retains a bit of magic for me that way. Anyway, not a ton to report about the race itself. It was windy. I rode hard. I won. Mission accomplished!

Oh- and clearly the most important part... the winners got a big cookie as part of the prize. Moana actually saw this cookie when she was with me at packet pick-up yesterday and asked me to win it for her. She inhaled it while still in her pajamas this morning. Breakfast of Champions.


mmmonyka said...

Way to go coach! And tean BSC! All that awesome racing makes me want to race. Badly! Now!

Cookie as a prize?!? That's what I call my kind of a race. I need to find one of those.

JC said...

AWESOME job out there Chica! Way to get the "W" and score breaky for your little one. Awesome job to all your athletes too - woohoo!

Damie said...

congrats mama!!!! well earned!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice! I would be encouraged to win if there were cookies at more races.

mtanner said...

I love her! Congrats- I knew it!

Ange said...

CONGRATS!!! that's awesome!Moana's psyched! :) TWO weeks!!!woohooo! LOVE the kits!!!!