Monday, January 28, 2013

On Patching Holes

Good news, friends! I think I've managed to patch those holes in my legs. :)

Fwiw, my cats are in love with my Recovery Pump boots. Mostly b/c it means they have a nice pillow for an hour or so whenever I'm in them. ;)

So I'm feeling 100x better today than I was on Friday! Body feels refreshed, brain feels refreshed... Mojo is baaaaaack. That was easy! How did I do it so fast?

Well first of all, looking back, I think my little meltdown might have been more in my head than actually in my legs. Maybe b/c I was entering this new territory in training and it was just building and building (and building!) and it was getting scary to me like yikes when am I going to get a break?? I do think subconsciously I was just a bit freaked. Maybe I just needed confirmation that my coach was not actually trying to dig my grave? He was just trying to find my limit, I think. Anyway, I have to say I totally appreciate the response I got when I raised the white flag... and maybe that's all I needed? Confirmation that when I need a break, I will get one? And in good news, when you catch these things early, you don't need much of a break, really. Just a few days to regroup and then can jump back into things.

Saturday morning I left my garmin on the counter and went out for a run in a neighborhood where I've never run before. No idea how many miles I ran or what my pace was... it was perfect. Yesterday I swam in the ocean with a couple of batshitcrazy friends (ocean swimmer friends are good like that) who didn't even flinch at the stormy conditions. OK, well if you don't think flinching and puking are the same thing then they didn't flinch. My point is, I have a new found compassion for folks who get seasick. We were being tossed around like ragdolls and I was completely as nauseous as I've ever been while swimming but loved every minute of it! That was the first sign my brain was back. I wasn't pissy at all! Yay!

Anyway, whether the meltdown was in my head or in my legs doesn't really matter. Right now I feel like the holes have all been patched and I'm ready to hit it again starting tomorrow. Which is good b/c this week, according to coach, is going to be "good for me mentally". I'll leave you to figure out what that means.

#redefiningbatshitcrazy #oneworkoutatatime


Shevaun said...

If there was a Like button for this 'd click it. No surprise that you jumped back. You are the Energizer bunny.

mmmonyka said...

Hm, that did not take long:)

I like your new header picture.

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

We all have those days! ...or weeks. I've found that my mental recovery is an adventure workout - riding my bike without the computer to some new place I've always wanted to go, or exploring a new trail system with my camera in hand not caring how long I stop for photo-op breaks. I get my recovery in as well as the chemicals I crave but my mind spends the day on a totally different plane.

Glad to see you've come back! Looking forward to seeing what this week brings for you mentally.

mtanner said...

Um I'm glad you are BACK! Please please please can I get a picture like that this summer?