Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Born Leader

Scott's sister is in town this week and she brought her 12 yo twins. It's been a couple years since Moana has seen them but just the mere mention of 'cousins' got her all pumped up (seems she is confused and thinks they are actually her brother/sister and as much as I try to correct that she's not accepting it).

It was so interesting to me to watch the dynamics going on last night. Upon first meeting them Moana acted shy. That lasted about 60 seconds and then she and Erica were off looking for shells and flowers. What I found most interesting was how Moana was leading the way... grabbing Erica's hand and pulling her this way or that and instructing her about what they were going to do next. It made me shake my head... Um, she is 3. Where and when did she learn to be such a little take charge leader?? (Don't answer that.)

Anyway, last night we all hung out and then the cousins came here to spend the night. We don't actually have an extra bedroom so Nate was sleeping on the couch in the living room and Erica was sleeping on the couch in Moana's room. This excited Moana til no end. As soon as they arrived she was giving them a tour of the house... showing them where everything is... Then she got out just about every one of her toys to show Erica how to play. When I suggested that maybe Erica could read a bedtime story to Moana, Moana excitedly and enthusiastically  insisted, "No! I'll read a story to her!! Where is Mouse In The House??" (That's the one story she has completely memorized word for word so we had to find that particular book.) Eventually I found it and Moana sat her cousins down on the couch and read them the whole story. They were such good sports though they were kind of laughing at this point (following my lead I think because I just found the scene unbelievably funny).

So I'm trying to decide if Moana is going to grow up to be the bossy kid at school that the others all hate or if she'll learn to meter her enthusiasm for giving instructions and just end up class president? Maybe captain of the swim team? This remains to be seen.

In triathlon related news, I got my mojo back. That was quick I know but 6 days of doing next to nothing and then "watching" my two athletes Krista and Shane run so well at Boise 70.3 today was enough to light my fire! I wrote out not only my goals but the actions I plan to take to achieve them and then went out running and enjoyed every.single.step of it! Yay for the return to training!

"Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire."
Reggie Leach, hockey player


Anonymous said...

First, in Moana's defense, it is her turf. So perhaps she was just excited to have a playmate to show around? Second, you and Scott are both definite leaders, with different styles no doubt, and I am SURE she has that ingrained in her. Finally, YEAH! MOJO IS BACK! This post puts a smile on my face. =)

Katie said...

uh oh...yeah, you're in trouble with that one :)