Thursday, June 16, 2011

Don't Think About It

Yikes! This week is flying by. I feel like I've had so much to get taken care of and somehow everyday passes and suddenly it's 4:00 already and I need to stop working and go get Moana and I'm like yep, didn't get half the things on my list done... again.

Yet here I am blogging. Lol. Clearly it's not that dire. Or else I just really need a break from writing training programs.

My bike is currently being wrenched on by a good friend of mine. Seems like I have just abused that thing 'til no end this year and most of the time it is barely even shifting. Dennis looked at it before Honu and just sort of shook his head (as all mechanics do when they see my bike). He did a nice job tuning it up for me though and making sure it would be working well for me there on the Big Island... but then he told me that prior to taking it to Idaho I would need a new bottom bracket and chain (again? I swear I just had that chain replaced!?! 3000 miles goes by quickly when you're training for an Ironman I guess...) So that is what he's doing to it now. I will say this though, having your bike worked on by someone who you know truly cares about you and wants nothing more than for you to have a perfect race with a perfectly functioning machine feels awesome. I know Dennis is treating my bike like it is his own baby, which kinda gives me goosebumps. I'll get it back tomorrow and I have no doubt it'll be in the best shape it could possibly be.

Anyway, 10 days 'til Ironman. I am feeling remarkably calm. Ridiculously calm. Like, have I not even thought about what I am about to do? Because if I were to think about it I'm sure I'd be quite anxious. But then maybe that's the ticket to staying calm before an Ironman? Just don't think about it. I will say this- I have four athletes who are also doing CdA (3 first timers!!) and I was reading through their race plans yesterday and that definitely caused some butterflies to start fluttering in my stomach. But maybe more for them than for me? I remember my first Ironman. Oh my. I'm not sure it gets much better than that... Crossing the finish line the first time... no matter what the clock says... it's just absolutely magical! I love Ironman! (Remind me of that in case the weather forecast doesn't change and it's 50-60 degrees and raining all day next Sunday. I really need to not think about that. Whatever though, right? I rode in rain more often than I care to even talk about this year (see previous paragraph about the sorry state of my bike)... But it wouldn't be the rain that would bug me. It would be the 50-60 degrees. I just do not have clothes/blood for that. Ok. Stop thinking about that, Michelle. Just stop.)

Moving on.

Moana is stoked to get on an airplane again. I told her the other night that we were going to Idaho on an airplane, and that Grammy was going to be there too. She walked straight to the door and put her shoes on and said "YES! Let's go to Idaho on an airplane and see Grammy!" She was totally ready to go. I think she may be in for a shock though when we board that plane and don't get off 40 minutes later on another warm island. Because isn't that what always happens when we get on an airplane?


Aimee said...

10 days! Wow! You are going to ROCK it!

kerrie said...

just remember to pack lots and lots of winter clothes and you can comfort yourself with the fact that there are hottubs and heat lamps in transition. bet you've never done a race like that before, have you? .....meanwhile, it's going to be over 100 in lubbock that weekend....sigh.

mmmonyka said...

You will do awesome! And there is no pressure to get Kona spot because you already have it, so you can enjoy your race.

You know how people do training camps in Malorca, Hawai, Jamaica so they get used to hot weather amng other things? You should do the opposite! Go train somewhere in Canada, Minesota, Michigan every once in a while:) In winter or spring preferably.

Beth said...

Woot woot!!! So excited for you guys!! Hoping the weather holds out (although without the rain those conditions sound FANTASTIC to me!!!) but I know you will be great no matter what!

Betsy said...

I have lots of winter riding clothes coming from MN. Let me know if you want me to bring you some extra's. although - I think they are going to change the forecast to 70 and sunny with a very light breeze ;)

mtanner said...

Totally Michelle! Bring warm clothes JUST IN CASE. 2009 was the worst weather. COLD and RAIN. If you need anything just holler!

Regina said...

What Is this like your 100th IM? Nerves? Bah! ;)

Fwiw, and I know squat, but when I did Mooseman in the rain in 58 degree temps last year, my ultralight jacket on the bike was a godsend. I swear by that one piece of clothing. Easy to get on after getting out of the eater too.

endurancegirl said...

i'll see you in Idaho next week! I'm just working the event for Powerbar, but am excited to cheer you on! I think you are going to have your best day yet! Love your motivation and drive!