Monday, May 2, 2011

Turn The Lights On, Mama!

You never really notice how dependent you are on power until you don't have it.

Take tonight for example. We're having some really crazy storms here in Hawaii. It's pretty rare that we get thunder/lightening like this but seems like we've had it a lot already this year... kinda cool, actually. I even saw on FB* that someone posted there was a tornado in town? THAT never happens here.

Yes, as is my habit, I stole this pic of FB. Cool though, huh? Seriously, this is rare for Hawaii!

It actually wasn't that bad here on the Windward side but then I heard a little click and damn, it all went dark. Ever tried to explain to a 2 yo that the power went out?

Turn the lights on, Mama! Um, sorry sweetie, Cannot.

I want to watch Elmo! Sorry sweetie, the power went out. Cannot.

Why don't you fix it? I wish I could, but I cannot. We have to wait for someone else to fix it.

I want to watch Elmo! Sorry sweetie, the TV has no power.

I have an idea! Let's get the batteries. (Holy cow is she smart or what??)

All of this storming and power outaging came right about the same time as all the fatigue from the last several weeks of training finally fell on me. I did find it odd that I woke up this morning feeling completely fine. I even sent an email to coach and was like, YEP I'M JUST FINE! I'm like a cat you see, and it's not my last life at all...

I mean, it did seem like I should be tired, so I wasn't surprised when it started to hit me this afternoon... It felt like I was wearing one of those lead vests they put on you when you get dental x-rays, but it covered my whole body. Ahhh. There it is. I am not invincible after all.

So there I was on the couch trying to convince Moana that we should just chill out and read books... The timing of the storm was actually perfect b/c it came just at dinner time which meant... wait for it... Mama didn't have to cook! And it wasn't even my fault! Excellent. So dinner pretty much went like this... "Moana, do you want yogurt or cottage cheese for dinner?"

She chose yogurt, in case you cared.

The power came back on in time for bath and bedtime, so that's cool. Good thing I have a husband who is prepared for these kinds of things. He had the flashlights out and battery operated lights all ready to go... Not like it would have been had it been left up to me... we just would have been stuck in pitch black after the sun went down. I am not typically prepared for emergencies.

*I get all my news on FB. That is kinda sad, I know. Actually, that's not true. Sometimes I get my news from John Stewart.


mmmonyka said...

Sadly, we are too dependant on EVERYTHING:(

She is a smart kid!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wow, that is scary (cool pic)

Molly said...

Jon Stewart is a great way to get news :)

chris mcpeake said...

you get your news from JS
oh no!