Sunday, November 21, 2010

Running Running Running!

YAY!! OK, so I am feeling *super* happy right now... just finished another run and have no pain or tightness in my calf or achilles. I feel like doing a happy dance!

Yesterday I ran 10 miles with Nalani. We didn't push the pace at all... just ran and talked and it was all quite therapeutic. I've missed our long runs and the talks we have while running them. In the end, I was happy that I wasn't feeling any pain in my calf, but I was definitely feeling the distance and felt like my HR/effort was just way too high for the pace we were running. Felt like I was experiencing that HR decoupling effect that some coaches talk about when you're not really aerobically fit. That just sucks though. I mean, really? I'm not aerobically fit?? Give me a break! Even while I've been injured and not running much, I've been biking and swimming and doing specific strength stuff so I can't believe for a second that I should have been so winded at the end of that run yesterday. BUT, it is what it is and I'll take a winded 10 miler over no 10 miler any day.

And then it was the weirdest thing- for the rest of the day my calf just started feeling better and better. Those eccentric calf dips really work. And I've been stretching a ton and using the Trigger Point calf roller thing every night. So doing all the right stuff and four weeks later looks like I'm back in the game.

Today I went out and ran again- only an hour today but I threw in a little 20 minute tempo section where I ran MP-10. In good news, I can still nail pacing! In fact, I felt so good I thought briefly about extending the length of the tempo section... but then remembered that getting greedy is always what gets me trouble. So I was like, "Take your 20 minutes of tempo and go home uninjured, Michelle..." So that's what I did. It's amazing how I really have to fight that desire to do MORE FASTER HARDER. I won the battle with myself today though so score one for me for being smart.

Now I'm feeling a lot more confident about running the marathon. It's 3 weeks from today. So ideally, my big long weekend run would have been today... but I'm not living in an ideal world right now so I'm going to deal with the cards I've got, and that puts me doing my last (okay, only) long run next weekend. 2 weeks out. I think that's fine. I mean, it's not like I've been breaking myself down with 20 milers every weekend of this training block and need a full 3 week taper. I'm going to do a tempo 10 miler on Thanksgiving morning (Turkey Trot where I'll shoot for MP+10) and then hopefully an easy/aerobic 18-20 miler next Sunday. IF I get both of those runs in and feel no pain, I'm definitely IN for the marathon. That would make me super happy! I'll still have to reconsider my pacing goals for the marathon, but la la la I'm not thinking about that right now... I'll worry about that in a couple of weeks when the gun goes off.

In other good news, looks like tomorrow night is the big night! Michelle's Prime Time TV Appearance! Lol. The Fake Koko Crater Classic Triathlon is going to be on Hawaii Five-0 tomorrow night. I'm wearing a lime green top on the bike, which is likely the only place I might actually be on for a brief second, if at all. But I think I was the only one wearing green during the shooting, so if you see a lime green flash riding by, its definitely me. :)


Running and living said...

So happy about the calf! Yay! I agree, you are aerobically fit, but I think there is also something to say about sport specific aerobic fitness. That goes quickly, but returns quickly, too. I think this week, you'll get that back fully!!! So happy you decided to go for the marathon! Good luck!!!

Kathy said...

This is great- hoping you stay pain free!

Rebecca DeWire said...

It is an amazing feeling when your body decides to cooperate again and you are injury free! So glad to hear the news.

Robyn said...

I have been following your blog for a while and LOVE it! So inspirational! I am a triathlete/runner and have a son 14 months old. I just strained my calf on a run Saturday morning and have done so before (years ago). I am wondering what eccentric calf dips are?

Clare said...

i'm going to watch! and i completely get taking the winded 10 miler over nothing...i'm only taking 3 over nothing, but it's not nothing!!!

Beth said...

GREAT news about the calf!! So exciting Michelle! I hope the 10 miler/long run this week goes great. And can't wait to watch you on tv tonight! :)

GoBigGreen said...

Awesome Michelle. One day at a time and you are going to be fine:) Yes eccentrics are pretty much my cure for my Hamtsring and glute as well.
I am going to try to find you on the show, i havent ever watched the modern 5-0 so will be interesting! YAY:)

X-Country2 said...

Holla for a great run!!

Katie A. said...

Happy Dance for the calf! Yayyy!
Don't worry about the HR stuff, you were talking, right? That always messes with things - don't worry.
And, I think you will be FINE with doing a 20 miler just two weeks out. You have PLENTY of time to recover and even get another med-long run in. I did a 21 miler on Thursday then a 16 on Sunday and feel fine. You'll do great!
Enjoy the Thanksgiving run! And your Turkey Day! I'll have to watch on Hulu your episode ;)