Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Go Big or Go Home

Moana's new thing right now is to nonchalantly say, "ok" instead of yes when you ask her a question.

Moana, do you want some milk?


Moana, do you want to read a book?


Moana, do you want to go to the playground?


It cracks me up! I didn't think that Scott and I answer 'ok' a lot, but we must.

At the playground, she likes to go big or go home. Here she is asking to hang on the high bars.

I think it's funny that her arms don't reach up much past her head even when fully extended. My arms are so long... my elbows are above my head when I reach straight up.

So, speaking of saying 'ok'... I said ok the other night when a swimmer friend called and asked if I wanted to be on their relay team for the Maui Channel Swim! Let me tell you, I didn't exactly think it through before answering in the affirmative... but regardless, I'm IN! I think it's gonna be a blast! I'm going to be on a relay team with three guys from California and two guys from here. I only know one of them, but whatever. I'm all about making new friends. :) The six of us will share the duty of swimming from Lanai to Maui. It's 9ish miles and takes 3-8 hours depending on the currents. I'm actually coaching a local swimmer who will be crossing the channel solo on the same day (that's one way to celebrate your 50th birthday I guess!) so it'll be sweet to be there on the beach to give her a hug when she finishes.

I say I didn't really think it through because now that we are planning out the logistics of the weekend I'm wondering how I'm actually going to do it all? You see, the Maui Channel swim is the Saturday of Labor day weekend. Which would be fine, except that the next day, Sunday, is the big 'around the island' 112 mile bike race that I'm planning on doing... so the bummer is that I will not be able to stay for the banquet after the Channel Swim- instead I'll have to fly back to Oahu Saturday night and then see if I have time to sleep at all because the bike race starts at 5:45 AM on Sunday morning. Perfect. I think I can do the two events back to back.

But then Monday morning, Labor day, is the annual Waikiki RoughWater Swim! 2.4 miles. It's the Queen of the summer ocean swims around here. Super competitive. People fly in from the mainland and Australia for this race. Last year Macca did it and, get this, got third in his age group! (That just sort of made me laugh.) And then I saw this on facebook today...

It's an article from 1976 about the Roughwater swim that year, won by none other than the guy, Brett, who Nalani and I are swimming with now! Too funny. Turns out Brett was the overall winner of the swim 3 times, first in the year I was born. Lol. This article talks about how he beat professional triathlete Dave Scott that year.

Anyway, looks like Labor Day weekend is going to be a 'Go Big or Go Home' kind of weekend. Am I game? Ok.


Rebecca DeWire said...

Just like Moana, Elena also went through the phase where all yes responses were "OK". Now she has moved on to saying "alright"! That weekend you described sounds logistically nuts, but I can totally see you doing it :)

The Chapples said...

Agree with Rebecca - if anyone could do all of that, it's you! Sounds like a blast!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Zach never says yes - he just does this "huhhh" noise, I think because I say "uh huh" a lot.

Holy crap that sounds like a monster weekend but I'm sure you can pull it off - you just have to hope your track record with traveling on airplanes improves and that flight back to Oahu isn't delayed for 24 hours.

Beth said...

Sweet!! What a weekend of racing lot of swimming!! FUN!

Regina said...

I remember being young enough once to do ALL THAT IN ONE WEEKEND. Ok, maybe not THAT exactly, but a lot of 'stuff', which usually meant two soccer games in a day, and a bike ride from lower Manhattan to the Bronx in between. Peanuts compared to your schedule.

It is amazing the habits you realize you have when your kids start emulating you. It is kind of freaky.

Lizzie said...

I am imagining Moana's 'OK' - very cute! My 1/2 hour in the pool yesterday seems slightly distant from your upcoming races :) Sounds like heaps of fun!!